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  • Did you ever want to know how "Cloud Computing" works?
  • Do you wonder how companies like Amazon AWS, Google etc. are able to drive down their prices constantly while improving services?
  • Are you looking to automate your work to increase reliability and decrease the budget requirements?
  • Is repetitive work part of your daily routine and would you want to free yourself up a little?
  • Are you wondering how some "Tech Companies" can  manage large and very large environments with rather small, highly effective teams?
  • Do you look for information about the principles of successful systems automation?
  • Are you wondering what automation tools are the best and right for you and your environment?

Well, the list of questions here could probably be a very long one, but the examples above already state a bit about what this is about.
Modern IT  requires new approaches, the old fashioned ITIL approach does not do the trick well enough anymore.  Some of more appropriate ways would be Agile development, OSS and in any case a fully automated enterprise infrastructure.

I am gonna shed a little light on some details and approaches on how to achieve developing such environments and status, and hope you will find a bit here and there to help you with your daily work.  Have a look around and feel free comment on articles you found interesting, or ask a direct question.

Happy automating!